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My name is William Chiang, Pharmacist and Creator of DrugLyst. Having worked behind-the-counter at a pharmacy, I recognize the complexities of drug therapy and many self-care options that patients and consumers can face in retail. My design philosophy when creating this app is answering, “What would you tell your younger self” about health information who has yet gone to pharmacy school, or learned how the human body works?

I was once overweight during my second year in college when I gained 30 pounds over six months. It was hard to “feel” the process of weight gain by the months until a pair of shorts felt tighter that summer. Had I understood food calories and tracked weight regularly, I could have prevented unwanted weight gain earlier.

Over several years following, I took action and refined my daily habits by avoiding processed foods and enjoying healthier options. I got in extra steps whenever I can by taking the stairs rather than the escalator or elevator. I bought health monitoring devices for home to measure and track weight, waist circumference, amount of sleep, blood pressure, and heart rate.

Later I began to notice having more energy and control in my life. I began to believe a change was possible…

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