DrugLyst 2.0 Reborn – Let’s Reconnect

First of all, let me thank you for allowing me and the DrugLyst app an opportunity to serve your self-care information needs. The Internet is full of health information, and you could be virtually anywhere in the world. Since the inception of DrugLyst in April of 2018, there were helpful feedback and comments that went to enhance this app. It started as a medication list app that checks for drug interactions within a few taps. But where’s the fun in that when there’s not much to see or do, admittingly?

I introduce the long-awaited DrugLyst – Version 2.0, the second installment of your personal health record. Now you can add in more details about the medications you take, such as how many and how often you take a prescription drug. You can also write your thoughts and pull up drug information written in simple language without the medical jargon (Resourced from – an independent medicine information website). Are you taking any vitamins and supplements? Are you up to date on your immunizations? Add them all to your list! Because you have all asked for it, now you can create a PDF document of your drug list and print a hardcopy, share it, and save it on your device.

And there’s more (actually many more)! Track your body measurements and vitals. View your progress over time through a series of graphs conveniently drawn out for you. “If you don’t measure it, you can’t manage it,” said one manager. You can get more of a hold on your health data. Have ‘Fitness Tracking’ on your device enabled on Settings and Privacy to automatically track your step counts. Track the number of bedtime hours on the default Clock app. Get an overview of your most important habits in the Health Data Statistics section.

Knowing thyself is just as important as keeping up with current health events. Amidst all of the potential for misinformation regarding online health information, DrugLyst aims to focus on delivering relevant and unbiased content for the betterment of your health. No ads. Period. What matters to your health gets posted on the News Feed. Keep up with the reading list to gain insights into better health. For example, learn the basics of how the body works without the need for taking courses or having a degree in biology.

You can always ask for help with your self-care needs. Given that minor illnesses may happen from time to time due to changing weather patterns, stressors, or random events, you have the virtual assistant – we call it Wellbot – at your disposal. Currently, Wellbot is trained to provide recommendations on over-the-counter medications for ailments such as mild-to-moderate pain, allergies, and cough, as well as pharmacist-recommended vitamins or multivitamins to take.

While Wellbot aims to learn more and become better at what it does every day, do realize that more serious health issues require the attention of a medical professional. As a medical disclaimer, consult with your healthcare provider for an assessment and discussion of plans and actions to solve a more deep-seated problem.

Again, thank you for joining our health and wellness movement. By downloading DrugLyst and trusting us in creating a reliable tool powered by state-of-the-art technologies to guide your health progress, you also have access to support, future app updates (more cool features coming soon), and guidance on medication therapy. Send us an e-mail by tapping ‘Contact’ at the ‘Me’ section.

The time is now to work towards a future full of vitality and possibilities. Stay safe and healthy out there.

-William Chiang, Pharmacist, Creator

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