How To Be Engaged in Healthcare and Become Aware of Your Progress

Life is already complicated as we know it. We have commitments to attend to whether it be work, education, significant others, family, and then ourselves. It’s not to say that we tend to put the needs of others before us, but rather, the happenings of everyday life may be things diverting our attention away from caring our #1 asset: Our health.

There is no fun in going to work or performing in general when you’re ill or under the weather. “Exercise at least 30 minutes a day” and “Reduce the number of calories” are said by healthcare professionals and the media every now and then that the idea itself is placed in the back burner. There apparently seems to be no quick fix nor silver bullet to the mysteries of health ailments. Why bother?

Well actually, health is an ongoing process and a very long one indeed. The health, food, and behavioral choices an individual makes day-in and day-out have everlasting effects such that any consequences are very hard to undo in the future. Realizing this is one giant step towards becoming better engaged in one’s healthcare.

Take for instance high blood pressure, dubbed the “Silent Killer.” Years of having high-salt meals, lacking exercise, and feeling stress leading to unhealthy habits such as drinking or smoking, all while having little to no “symptoms” of high blood pressure, could amount to a high risk for heart disease [Mayo Clinic, 2019]. You can’t “feel” high blood pressure, but you can track it, see how it is trending over time, and have an idea on how to lower it if your number is high. For example, given the normal blood pressure is below 120/80, if you’re getting higher than normal readings on several occasions, it’s time to consider your dieting and exercising patterns as well as stress levels and act now to change.

There is no better time than now to start tracking your health progress. Go to the Data Entry section under Health Data in DrugLyst and log body measurements and vitals whenever you can. At least try once a week. Check out the graphs in the Trends section also under Health Data and have a quick glimpse of how you’re trending on a measure over time. And then rinse and repeat. DrugLyst is here to guide you.

Also, for any medications that you are taking, go to the Drugs section under Medication List, enter a medication that you’re taking, and write some focused ‘Notes To Self.’ Anything from your thoughts, possible side effects, and any symptoms related to the drug you’re taking. This way, it is much easier to look back at your personal records and not having to fumble with multiple paperwork, or trying to remember what happened over the past year, last month, or let alone last week.

The path to wellness takes one step at a time, one health measurement at a time, and one understanding at a time towards your personal commitment and control over health.


Mayo Clinic, 2019. High blood pressure: The silent killer. Retrieved from

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